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Symbol Mark

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Symbol Mark

The overall symbol mark of Taebaek represents the position of Taebaek as a future-oriented city.

  • Three triangles mountain shape on the top mean Taebaeksan Mountain, Hambaeksan Mountain and Yeonghwasan Mountain, respectively, and they symbolize stability.
  • The yew pine shape in the middle is a city tree of white color that connotes a clean and pure image, and it means a change to a highland leisure tour city.
  • The wave mark river shape on the bottom is the abstract image of Hangang River, Nakdonggang River, and Osipcheon Stream; and its blue color means dynamic and future-oriented development.

The basic color green well represents the image of Taebaek with a gifted natural environment, and it means stability, development and hope. It also shows Taebaek’s determination to prepare for future society.