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Taebaek Highland Natural Recreational Forest


Natural Recreational Forest Office 033-550-2849/033- 582-7238


153, Meorigol-gil, Taebaek-si (Cheoram-dong)


Taebaek Highland Natural Recreational Forest gets lower as it faces toward the inside of the site due to Myeonsan Mountain and Tosanryeong. In the center, there are valleys with abundant water (Beodeulgol Valley, Tapsanggol Valley, and Neujeunmokgoldeung Valley) that add the level of attraction as a recreational forest. The valley water is uncontaminated and clean water that has an exceptional taste. You can even find a small waterfall.

With an alpine climate of the intermountain basin, you can avoid the tropical nights and the surrounding high mountains create low speed wind. As the pivotal location of the south Gangwon, this can be a good summer vacation spot in connection with the beaches of the East Sea.

Taebaek Youth Center


Taebaek Youth Center 033)550-2825


Taebaeksan National Park, 331-3, Sodo-dong, Taebaek-si (Mungoksodo-dong)


The Taebaek Youth Center is a place that offers various programs and cultural spaces for youths as well as local residents in order for youths to grow with a positive and upright attitude.

It is composed of spaces to lead the information age of the 21st century by developing programs to meet demands of local residents and youths such as education, culture, life sports, and counseling.

Facility Status

  • B1F, 3F
  • Cultural Space for Youths, Resting Room, Indoor Gymnasium, Theater-type Auditorium, Outdoor Concert Hall, Cafeteria and more