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Seecomes – Basic Type

Seecomes Basic Type
Basic Type
  • The character is a mining fairy living deep down in the coal mining region of Taebaek. It projects an image of an innocent boy to approach to children and youths more friendly. It arouses friendliness and innocence of childhood even to adults.
  • Seecomes is a link that connects the history of Taebaek as the industrial energy leader of the 21st century with the future of Taebaek as a global tourist city in a new millennium.
  • Based on its regional-specialized image, the Seecomes character arouses a nostalgic memory of the coal industry in adults and approaches children as a friend that symbolizes the future and dream of Taebaek.

Taebum – Basic Type

Taebum Basic Type
Basic Type
  • A tiger, especially a white tiger for protecting Taebaeksan Montain was characterized. The tiger is cheerful and optimistic, but cannot stand anything unjust.
  • The motif was from a cartoon but refined lines and impressions allow a variety of applied expressions.
  • Taebum that protects Taebaeksan Mountain of the Korean Peninsula is a character that symbolizes mystique and clean nature of Taebaek to become a tour leisure city of the 21st century.

Taebum – Applied Type

Taebum Applied Type
Applied Type
  • The character was created based on a Taebaeksan Mountain tiger to represent clean nature of Taebaek. Bright blue and white are main colors - blue representing a clean natural environment and white representing white snow and pure mind of the citizens.
  • The “T” on the head means the alphabet “T” from Taebaek and Taebaeksan Mountain, the sacred mountain for Korean people. The “S” on the chest means the stream of Taebaek which is the riverhead of 3 major rivers. Three circles represent Hangang River, Nakdonggang River, and Osipcheon Stream.
  • A tail that is raised high symbolizes Taebaek taking a great leap, and the futuristic shape and impression of the character represents future-oriented Taebaek.