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Biwaya Falls

Biwaya Falls image


Taebaek Tourist Information Center: 550-2828 / 552-8363


48 (1/5), Jangseong-dong, Taebaek-si


There is a 40 meter limestone cliff at the edge of Yangji Village down the Jaepigol Valley, Hajangseong in Taebaek.

Normally it is just a steep cliff but it turns into an amazing fall when it rains. During the monsoon season, the water stream looks like a white silk fabric. It is called Biwaya (“when it rains” in Korean) Falls as it becomes a fall when it rains.

This name was created about 30 years ago, which is a very humorous name. Before that, it was just called Boku. Boku is a local dialect of this region meaning waterfall. A large avalanche of over 40m high is maintained for 3 to 4 months during winter, which provides an incomparably magnificent view.

Samhyeongje Falls

Samhyeongje Falls image


Taebaek Tourism and Culture Department 033)550-2083


San 5-1, Dongjeom-dong, Taebaek-si


3 falls on the top of Gumunso Pond drop from here. Water from Hwangjicheon Stream flows into here and splits into 3 streams of about 6m to 7m high.

A long time ago, 3 brothers drowned here while playing, and turned into dragons and flew to heaven. As 3 brother dragons flew, they hit the rock cliff and created Samhyeongje Falls. On the 4th year of King Seonjo in Dangi Year 3904, the Gyeongsang governor reported that water from the upstream of the Nakdonggang River was no longer flowing from the 5th of the 12 periods of the day (7:00a.m - 9:00a.m.) on December 18, which created public disturbance.

According to the words passed down from the past, a big chaos arises to the country when water of the Nakdonggang River is cut off. This is called ‘Cutting of Nakdonggang River’ and the water of Samhyeongje Falls over Yongso died and stopped flowing.

This is the fact recorded in Seonjo Sillok (the part about King Seonjo in the Annals of Joseon Dynasty), and after that, the people experienced the miracle of Gumunso Pond when the Japanese naval forces invaded in Imjinnyeon, the year of the Dragon and ravaged country. And they feared it as a divine place.

Yeonghwa Falls

Yeonghwa Falls image


Taebaek Tourist Information Center: 033)550-2828 / 552-8363


San 1-25, Hwangji-dong, Taebaek-si


It was created at the foot of the Yeonghwasan Mountain to offer a new spectacle by forming an image of a city where life forms breathe and culture begins.

With 48.9m height and 10m width, the large water stream attracts eyes of the visitors. It is called Yeonhwa Falls which is named after the Yeonghwasan Mountain.