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World Winter Cities Association for Mayors

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Winter City

It refers to a city that must carry out city management under a high amount of snowfall or a cold climate.

  • Criterion for snowfall: Around 20 cm (8 in) or more of the maximum snowfall in a year
  • Criterion for a cold climate: The average temperature of the coldest month in a year must be 0℃ (32℉) or below

Winter cities have a common challenge to promote urban planning to satisfy cold climate conditions with a high amount of snowfall.

The World Winter Cities Conference for Mayors began in 1981 when Sapporo advocated the northern city conference to share opinions on the common challenge and make a pleasant city by gathering the northern cities of the world with similar climate and natural characteristics under the slogan “Winter is a Resource and an Asset”.

Member countries and cities (20 cities in 11 countries)

Member countries and cities (20 cities in 11 countries) - Country, City, Country, City
Country City Country City
Korea Taebaek Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Japan Sapporo The United States of America Anchorage
Aomori Canada Prince George
China Changchun City Russia Novosibirsk
Shenyang Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Harbin Magadan
Jilin Norway Tromsø
Qiqihar Estonia Maardu
Jiamusi Lithuania Kaunas
Jixi Greenland Nuuk