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Taebaek Paleozoic Museum

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The area around Gumunso Pond where Taebaek Paleozoic Museum is located, is the ‘Early Paleozoic Deposits and Topography of Stream Erosion’ designated as the Natural Monument 417, and it is largely distributed with the strata deposited in a warm marine environment of the Paleozoic period. It is the only place in Korea that the formations from the early Paleozoic period can be continuously observed, and surface of unconformity from the mid Paleozoic period could be observed, receiving a lot of attention from the academic world. In particular, a variety of fossils including lamp shell, Graptolites, mollusks, and conodonts as well as trilobites are discovered from here, providing that this area is the repository of domestic fossils from the Paleozoic period.

Taebaek Paleozoic Museum was established to contribute to natural history researches of scholars and improve educational effects by experiencing various fossils and sedimentary structures in the area of Gumunso Pond that can trace the natural environment in the Paleozoic period and the history of living organisms existed there.