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Greetings from the Mayor

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Welcome to Taebaek

hello? I'm Lee Sang-ho, mayor of Taebaek.

We sincerely welcome all visitors to our Taebaek City website.

Taebaek is in the center of Baekdu-daegan, the largest mountain chain of the Korean

Peninsula and home to Taebaek Mountain, the spiritual mountain of the nation. It is also where the head waters of the Han River and Nakdong River originate in harmony.

Taebaek City has completed the 'Highland Tourism Resort Leisure Sports City Taebaek' initiative to take advantage of the highland area in the region.

This endeavour will tireless work towards establishing ourselves as a mecca for the nation's best recreation, tourism and sports industry.

I am passionately perusing with youthful ambition to create a prosperous Taebaek that leaps forward with an enriched and diverse economy.

Working with our citizens is my main goal and one that ensures a hopeful future for Taebaek. Please join us on this road to creating a better Taebaek.

Thank you.

mayor of Taebaek, Lee Sang-ho